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This is a short proof of concept for a half hour series we’re working on right now. Very excited about this show as we are working with an entire cast of hilarious Stand Up Comics.

Down on his luck, alcoholic ERIK MYERS is sentenced to REHAB GROUP THERAPY after being arrested for drunk driving. There he meets an array of characters consisting of; annoyingly positive hippy leader of the group DR. GOODE, alpha-male anger filled CECIL, trashy attention seeking ROCHELLE, out-there tweaker SKEET, and dry sarcastic stoner ISABELLA. As well as guest appearances from other comedians in every episode.

Loosely based on the life and stand up of comedian Erik Myers, as well as the other comic cast members and ongoing guest appearances.


CREATED BY: Eric J Freedman, Erik Myers, and Tony Celano

WRITTEN BY: Erik Myers and Eric J Freedman

ART and ANIMATION BY: Tony Celano /
LIP SYNCING BY: Eric J Freedman

STARRING: Erik Myers, Jay Davis, Becky Robinson, Stephanie Simbari, Sam Tripoli, and Craig Phillip Conant